Robo-Tek Robo-Rover Robotic Pool Cleaner


Robo-Tek Robo-Rover Robotic Pool Cleaner


The Robo-Tek Robo-Rover robotic pool cleaner is powered by a rechargeable, floating battery pack, that provides the same power output as all other Robo-Tek Cleaners. The Robo-Rover will run for 2 hours before re-charging is required.

The 2021 Awards Winner


Robo-Rover Features 

  • Remote Control & Caddy for easy transportation.
  • Quick Floor Cleaning Option.
  • Water Line Cleaning & Wall Climbing.
  • Large Leaf Intake – Suction at 302 Litres a minute draws in large leaves through two massive intakes.
  • Capacity for 4 litres of leaf and debris.
  • 3 Filter Grades available.
  • Rechargeable floating battery pack.
  • Twin Drive motors.
  • 3 year warranty on the Motor Box.
  • Recharge time is 6hrs.
  • Two cord lengths available


Cycle Time: 0.5/1/2 Hours
Cable: 2.5 metre floating cable
Filtration: 3 Filter Grades available
Brushes: 4 x Sponge Wheels
Filtration Rate: 302 Litres/minute
Rated Power: 200 watts
Dry Weight: 12.5kg


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