Robo-Tek Robo-Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner


Robo-Plus | Robo-Tek

The one robot that suits all pool shapes!

The Robo-Tek Robo-Plus has Twin High Torque Drive Motors, so we know it will do all shape pools, and climb walls like nothing else available.

Included are all the essential accessories, like the Remote Control (so you can drive it to a particular spot if you want too), and a Caddy for easy storage and transport to and from the pool.

The 2021 Awards Winner

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Robo-Plus Features

  • Remote Control & Caddy for easy transportation.
  • Quick Floor Cleaning Option – Travelling at 15m per minute, you get quick and thorough cleaning of your pool surfaces.
  • Water Line Cleaning & Wall Climbing.
  • Large Leaf Intake – Suction at 290 Litres a minute draws in large leaves through two massive intakes.
  • Capacity for 4 litres of leaf and debris.
  • 70 & 20 Micron filter bags capture super fine dust particles.
  • 15m Floating cable makes it suitable for very large residential pools.
  • Twin Drive motors.
  • 3 year warranty on the Motor Box.


Cycle Time: 0.5/1/2 Hours
Cable: 15 metres
Filtration: 3 Filter Grades available
Brushes: 4 x Sponge Wheels
Filtration Rate: 290 Litres/minute
Rated Power: 180 watts
Dry Weight 12.5kg.


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