Klever Kleena K-Bot RX3


Klever Kleena K-Bot RX3 | Robotic Pool Cleaner


The Ultra Premium K-Bot RX3 comes with an 18 meter cable, multi function hand held remote control and mobile trolley. The RX3 effectively cleans the pool floor, cove, walls, steps & waterline.

Using the K-Bot RX3 in your pool will:-

• Save water and energy.
• Help to prevent germination of algae and bacteria.
• Reduce the number of required back-washes.


Fast and Powerful – Fully Automatic Robotic Automatic Pool Cleaner

K-BOT RX3 Robotic cleaners quickly and efficiently clean almost any size and shape pool. Installation is a Breeze, just plug your K-BOT in and it’s on it’s way. It’s Safe, economical digital switch mode power supplies is less than 30 Volts DC. High Speed motors and Ultra Fine vacuum, scrub and brush dirt and debris away – without placing any load on you pump and filter system. The Exclusive K-BOT Smart swivel ensures the cable never tangles while amazing AUTO-SCAN systematically scans your pool shape and size for a perfect clean. When your K-Bot RX cleaner’s automatic timer’s done – in less than 3 hours or less – it’ll turn itself off. Just lift it out, empty the convenient filter bag and stow it away till next time. It’s that quick and easy.

• A sparkling pool in just 2.5 hours
• Cleans every centimeter of the pool bottom and sides
• Removable filter bag (Optional cartridge filter)
• Automatic timer
• Twin drive motors
• FREE caddy for transport and storage

K-Bot RX3 features and benefits: 

  • Brushes, Scrubs and Filters.
  • Efficient scanning and cleaning performance.
  • Self contained fine filter bag collects dirt and debris (cartridge optional)
  • Autonomous unit – no pre-installation needed, no connections to pool systems.
  • Multi Function Hand held remote control
  • Low voltage – low energy consumption.
  • Fully programmable, able to set for alternate running times. Automatic shut off at end of cycle time.
  • Obstacle escape.
  • Motor protection mechanism in case of over load and out of water.
  • Suitable for beach entry pools.
  • 3 Years Warranty.

K-Bot RX3 Specifications:

  • Cable length 18 m
  • Filter bag porosity Fine Micron filtration
  • Suction rate 16 m³ per hour
  • Motor unit voltage 24 VDC
  • Power supply Universal, Digital 100-250 V
  • IP 54
  • Output less than 30 VDC

Remote Control Operation:

The remote unit has multiple settings – Manual operation, Floor only, Walls only or – Turbo Clean for an extra fast clean.

Memories pool shape and size, Amazing AUTO-SCAN

Exclusive Smart Swivel stops cable tangles

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