Spa Protector Alkalinity Increaser 1kg


Spa Protector Alkalinity Increaser 1KG

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– Raises alkalinity to the recommended levels for your spa

– Prevents corrosion of metal parts (pool heater, etc)

– No more green water

– Prevents burning eyes and itchy skin

– Assists pH bounce (rapid fluctuations in pH)


        *  Test for the total alkalinity with a reliable test kit using fresh testing  reagents and if necessary make the qadjustment according to the directions               for use.

       *  Alkalinity Increaser should be dissolved in a bucket of water and dispersed around the spa.

       *  Run the filter whilst adding the Alkalinity Increaser to ensure adequate distribution throughout the spa water.

       *  Allow 3-4 hours befors testing the total alkalinity level again.  Make further additions if necessart using the dosage rate as a guide.

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