Robotic Pool Cleaners

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Robotic pool cleaners are a plug in and forget pool cleaner catering for most pool types, sizes and surfaces and work independently from your pool’s filter.

They work intelligently and do a better job than other pool cleaners as they have their own independent filtration systems and use smart technology to cover the whole pool thoroughly including steps and water lines efficiently (saving you money!).

The right pool cleaner will ensure you enjoy an always clear and clean pool with low maintenance costs and minimum input from you.

Robotic Pool Cleaner Benefits

Save On Power 


Because robotic cleaners work independently of your pool’s filtration system it eliminates the need to pump water through metres of piping for filtering.

Save On Chemicals


Robotic cleaners remove debris and dirt from your pool, this reduces the amount of muck otherwise normally stored in your pool’s filtration system which can cause dirtier and cloudier water in turn requiring chemicals to rectify.

Save On Water


Because robotic cleaners have an independent filter, they reduce the stress on your pool’s filtration system equaling less clogging and fewer backwashes.

Robotic pool cleaners offer true value for money, providing excellent savings on energy, water, pool chemicals and your time. They do come with a bigger upfront investment but when compared to other pool cleaners like suction or automatic pool cleaners the benefits by far outweigh the extra investment.

What Pool Cleaners We Recommend

We recommend the Maytronics Dolphin X Series, they are great for pools with large leaf, dust, fine dust, dirt or coal dust content. We have found them to be really reliable as well as backed by a great after sales support team that are there if needed.

Dolphin X Series

We do free on-site demonstrations of how the Dolphins can work for you in your pool, this offer is for Newcastle and Hunter Valley residents only.

Choosing the best robotic pool cleaner doesn’t have to be difficult. With proper knowledge and research, rest assured that you’ll end up with a product that works best for your pool and, of course, your budget.


Robotic pool cleaners are by far the most efficient and effective pool cleaners. They can handle any kind of debris, vacuuming it directly into its own filter. Plus, they have their own smart technology that helps them master any shape or sized pool. Not only does this robotic cleaner help you with pool cleanliness, it also helps circulate water, guaranteeing a fresher swim.


So do your pool (and your back!) a favour and invest in a robotic pool cleaner today!

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