Pool Covers & Rollers

Standard and custom made swimming pool covers and rollers for purchase.  We have two conveniently located pool accessory retail stores in Newcastle and Maitland!

Swimming pool covers and rollers are one of the most cost effective ways to heat your pool, costing nothing to operate and being relatively cheap to purchase.  A properly fitted pool blanket will absorb sunlight and transfer it into heat, trapping this heat in your pool.  If you own a pool in the Newcastle or Maitland areas of NSW now in water restrictions, you really should install a pool cover to help retain pool water and conserve water supplies.   

Save Water!

Data shows that a swimming pool with a properly installed pool covers or roller will reduce water evaporation by up to 97%.  Shockingly in our harsh Aussie climate an uncovered pool can lose up to as much as 55,000 litres of water a year!

Heat Your Pool!

While saving water evaporation is a major benefit of a covered pool, you may not know that a pool blanket can heat your swimming pool’s temperature by as much as 8°C.  A pool cover can even store the heat that your solar panels or heat pump has produced.

Don’t Waste Your Chemicals!

Water evaporation can cause your pool’s chemical and salt levels to be thrown out of whack costing you hundreds of dollars every year.

We offer free quotes  on our pool covers and rollers across the Newcastle, Maitland, Hunter Valley and surrounding regions.  Call Thornton 02 4966 5191  or Rutherford 02 4937 6460 to organise!

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