Pool Chlorinators

Saltwater pool chlorinator sales, repairs & installation, options to suit every swimming pool and budget.

Whether you’re looking for a self cleaning pool chlorinator, entry level model or a top of the line fully automated chlorinator with Ai options to minimise or eliminate the change in water balance we have you covered.

We don’t just sell pool chlorinators, we can have install it for you as well by our SPASA certified pool technicians.  We have two conveniently located retail stores in the Newcastle region (Thornton and Rutherford) and offer our chlorinator installation service across Newcastle, Maitland, Hunter Valley and surrounding areas.

A pool chlorinator makes owning a swimming pool easy!


Entry Level

MAGNA-CHLOR Salt Chlorinator

The MAGNA-CHLOR salt chlorinator is available in two models, STANDARD (Non self cleaning cell – AC Models) and REVERSE POLARITY (Self cleaning – RP Models). The reverse action de-scales the build up of calcium and reduces electrode cleaning maintenance by 95%.  The high performance salt chlorination system produces crystal clear pool water. It is safe, clean and is ideal for people with eye, ear and skin allergies when using conventional
chlorine.  At only 1/7th the salinity of sea water, the pool water has a soft feel which is ideal for people suffering from these problems.


  • An electronic sensing switch
  • Variable chlorine output control
  • Circuit breaker overload protection.
  • 3 years warranty on power pack & cell
  • Automatic overload, protects power supply from over salting
  • Automatic low salt warning light flashes if salt falls below the correct level
  • The salt cell is very efficient and accessible when maintenance is required
  • Computerised automatic control & display system
  • New, clear, rectangular cell housing, with plated electrodes

Mid Range

Reltech EvoChlor Chlorinator

Reltech EvoChlor Chlorinator

One of the best chlorinators on the market can be run as a mineral chlorinator or as a salt pool. Australian made and designed for our harsh Australian environment, when reliability and ease of use is more important then temperamental touch pads and LCD displays.

Warranty is also second to none on this unit with a full 4 years onsite parts and labour warranty.



  • Energy efficient low KW consumption
  • Self cleaning electrolytic cell
  • Suited to standard salt and mineral / magnesium based pools
  • Robust design with easy to set analog time clock
  • 4 year warranty on power pack & electrolytic cell full onsite parts and labour warranty
  • Australian designed and manufactured
  • Digital micro processing PCB to rival any chlorinator on the market
  • No internal fuse / external reset button
  • Flashing LED water fault warning lights
  • Reverse Polarity LED indicator light

Top Of The Line

AstralPool Viron eQuilibrium

The AstralPool Viron eQuilibrium Chlorinator provides a range of options to minimise or eliminate the change in water balance. This dramatically reduces manual water testing, maintenance or corrective actions required for your pool water. In Total Ai mode, the Viron eQuilibrium Chlorinator can test, monitor and maintain the perfect sanitiser level and pH balance, while also controlling the pool pump for maximum energy savings.

All of this to keep your pool safe, healthy and looking great for you and your family.

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  • Expandable latest technology
  • Smart phone App control, suitable for iOS and Android devices
  • Energy efficient switch mode power supply
  • Automatically balances water
  • Intelligent self cleaning
  • Reduces chlorine and saves power
  • Available in 4 sizes to suit all size pools and spas
  • Control compatible AstralPool pumps (ie speed of pump) and compatible lights (up to 4 lights) via App